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A heart away from home…

This is one thing I find myself thinking about every now and then. Why can’t we be with the people we love? Everyone will relate to this differently, for me it’s about me and my family.

I love my parents and my little sister and as much as I want to spend all my life around them, I can’t! When my sister and I lived with my parents back home in Nainital, we were all so caught up – parents with work and we, with studies and friends and so many other things. Little did we know, we’ll move out soon in different cities with just phone calls and text messages to count on. Don’t get me wrong, of course we had a lot of family time and vacations that my parents would take us to and both of us were and still are very pampered when at home. But when I look back at those years gone by, I realize I was just going from one day to another without really living the days – not realizing they won’t last.

The delicious food that mom cooked and was complained about then, is craved everyday now. Dad would pick us up from school sometimes when he got off early and I’d tell him that I preferred going home with my group of friends not knowing how dad would feel (he understands – he is a father!) and now I am welcomed every evening by a rented empty room after a long day at work..

My sister and I fought over things like the TV remote and now I have a TV that I haven’t even switched on in over 3 months!! I can blame innocence for all of that but it sucks to not have that anymore…

I really wished I lived with them even now or at least in the same city or in close proximity so I could visit more often. It’s a 7 hour drive back home and 9 hours to my sister (she is working on getting her Law degree in another city) and I yearn to be with them every single day.

And yes the phone calls, the text messages, the video meetings help but it’s not the same..!

For all those of you who get to see their folks more often, I’m so happy for you.. And for those like me, I know exactly how it feels.. So stop ditching calls from home and stop getting irritated when they call so often – they miss you too!!

10 thoughts on “A heart away from home…

  1. Amazing !!! Couldn’t agree more. Food cooked by mom is a luxury. Living away from them is difficult and no one can understand it unless they live away from parents. Living away got me more close to them.

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  2. I have almost no family left, just a sister from whom I have been estranged for fifteen years. We are completely different people, with nothing in common but our late parents. Sometimes, it’s just not possible…


  3. I am pretty close to my family and see them weekly, I speak to my mum each night for 30-40 minutes and I see my own daughters many times a week my mum was a great cook as was her mum I am so so I won’t kill you but I a not that great either

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    1. That’s great! I’ve started cooking a little too.. the struggle is real! I try.. and then miss home.. I talk to my family daily at least two times but being there is a different thing altogether.
      Thanks for stopping by my post 😊


  4. I know what you mean. I live half a world away from my parents… but, I find that the distance is okay and maybe helped to make us closer in some ways. I do miss my mom’s cooking a lot! She sends me her recipes but they never taste quite the same.

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    1. I too stay on the phone with mine, when I try cooking. Never ends up like her’s..!! You’re right the distance has gotten us closer and also made me realise the importance of little things. 😊

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