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Faded Wedding Rings

Standing in the balcony on that rainy night, she feels the breeze on her face. He is in the bedroom. After another argument, they can’t sit in the same room. They’re married, it’s his house, she chooses the balcony.

She watches the cars on the street. Somewhere a little girl is reciting a nursery rhyme to her mother. Remembering her childhood, she lets her lips curl into a smile. She watches the moon shining meekly behind the trees. It pours some more, from the sky and her eyes. What has become of her.

She returns to the bedroom. After an argument where else do you go?? This is what marriage is then… It’s not their first fight.. it’s not their last.. she thinks. But last time, after they had made up after one such argument, they had hugged each other and decided to resolve arguments and not go to bed mad at each other.

And yet, here they are again.. On two extreme sides of the bed… He twists and turns and finally falls asleep. While she thinks. She stays calm and waits for him to wake up and say something nice.. Her head is running wild, she opens her favourite book and reads someone else’s love story… Story of love, loss and redemption. There’s hope in it.. when you love someone and they love you back, you find a way.. you always find a way.. She smiles.. They can find a way too..! They’ll hold each other in the morning and everything will be fine..

He wakes up but to her astonishment, he is yelling at her.

She comes back to reality.. she looks at him not understanding what’s happening. He is still at it, she can’t recognise the voice that she loves so much.. The eyes that lovingly meet hers every morning are now wide open and staring at her, killing her. She fights back knowing well that only love is going to be defeated today. Face covered with tears, she storms out of the house still wearing his tee shirt. He meets her at the front door “no coming back this time”

She fights back the tears and holds him close one last time “won’t come back”


12 thoughts on “Faded Wedding Rings

  1. I found this a moving piece of writing and sadly something far too many people would have been through,not me I am still happily married to the same guy for 32 years and we rarely fight we bicker but don’t fight

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    1. Yes, it’s unfortunate that a lot of people go through this.

      I am so happy to know that you don’t relate yourself to this piece.. May you always be happy and celebrate each day with your partner.


  2. I liked the story, Himadri.
    Not giving up on the loved ones is never a smooth road, but it’s only those who make it till the end realize all those slips, all those hurdles, all those discussions (arguments) were worth it.

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