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Airports, Railways Stations and Bus Stands

I love Airports!! I love the feeling and excitement to board the plane to see a new place. Airports, railway stations and bus stands. I love the emotions that these places encounter. Hugs, tears, kisses, hopes and dreams.

One such place that I visit frequently  is the bus stand in my hometown, Nainital – each time I’m here, I see faces, sometimes new and other times a familiar look on them.

The regular faces are usually the businessmen and women who travel from Nainital to Delhi and bring cheap wholesale clothes. Their middle man from Tibet, Nepal or Bhutan meets them in Delhi and hands them over products that they later sell in the famous Tibetan Market of Nainital. You can tell by the cordial relationship they have with the bus conductors and the first few privileged rows reserved for them. They are usually loud and cheerful. The happy faces 🙂

Then, there are people like me who are here to visit home for a summer or spring break. The ones that have taken some time off from college or their work places to spend some quality time in the laps of nature and also savor some home food..!

My favorite faces are the ones leaving town for the first time. The ones that are leaving home for better and higher education, the ones that leave their families to make a career in the big cities.

One glance at them and I recognize that look.. their bright eyes full of hopes and dreams, their heart sinking hugging their loved ones, the tears that roll down the old woman’s cheeks kissing her child’s forehead, I know that feeling. These parents don’t leave the bus stand until the bus departs, they make sure they wave those heartfelt goodbyes.

I don’t remember my first time, it was some 7 years ago. Mom still makes me feel it’s my first every time! She makes sure my bags are packed and that I don’t leave my cell phone, charger, water bottle or wallet behind. And I want to tell her to chill, to calm down, to tell her I am good and that I’ve been doing this for 7 years and I travel all the time not leaving any of my important belongings behind… But I don’t.. She feels good doing all of it and I let her be…

To all the people fleeing small towns for a better future, all my good wishes to you!

To all the parents, kudos to your brave hearts – there is so much more to come 😊


11 thoughts on “Airports, Railways Stations and Bus Stands

  1. Great post. All sorts of feelings in airports for sure. Hope, regret, nostalgia, acceptance, wonder, curiosity of all the foreign people traveling who knows and speaking a language you can’t understand. In Incheon in Seoul right now feeling all of this.

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  2. Travelling anywhere will always get u a new story I share one such story with you… I love the way you express when you write… love reading your blog….

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