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Faded Wedding Rings – II

On that sunny winter morning, you lay there on the grass watching the clouds. And I watched as you slowly drifted away into sleep to the sound of chirping birds.

I heard you laughing like a child, when the little boy gave you colorful balloons. I watched you dance by the river to the sound of rustling leaves making your silver anklets dangle to the rhythm. I watched your eyes twinkle every time you talked about the faraway lands you wished to see.

But today, I see your eyes, still moist from last night, your skin losing color with each passing day. Your heart doesn’t sing anymore and you don’t fly in your dreams the way you did before.

I sit here and watch you float from one day to another. I sit here, trying to make sense of this madness. And I might not know the first thing about love, but darling, this constant shrieking in the morning and tear drops on the pillow every night is a chaos to your heart…!

Taking a piece of you each time with it, this train wreck of a love affair was doomed for damnation.

And sometimes, when you look at me, I know you want to be saved, but then you go back and let it destroy you a little more once again.

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