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A letter for someone I love – Always have, always will…

I finally decided to write to you, my little one.

I am pretty sure that I wasn’t the best sister to have as a kid but I am almost certain that I’ve come a long way since then. It’s all because of you, your kind ways made me a better person. Thank you!

It was my birthday, I must have turned 15 that year and you were about 12. At night, when all my friends left after the birthday party, I asked you if you got me something. After seeing all the pretty presents I received from everyone, you ran into your room and tied all your favourite colour pencils, crayons and sparkle pens in a bundle and gave it to me. I don’t recall how I reacted that day, but I’m sure, that was the moment I fell in love with you.

I remember the day I said something hurtful to you and you said nothing back! Had you reacted and said something bitter to me, I would’ve forgotten this instance like any other sibling quarrel. But you just walked away and cried alone in the washroom. I saw you, I heard you. But you didn’t say a word to me. And that was the moment I thought I’d die. You were just 14 but you gave me a lesson I could never forget. I don’t even know if you remember this instance after all these years, but I could never forget it. This is probably the worst platform to tell you how I feel about it but I know how you are. If I told you this in person, you’d show zero emotions and I would cry like a baby. It would’ve been a funny sight. So here I am telling you how sorry I am for that day. It was unintentional. I would never hurt you, ever!

As kids, we fought like Tom and Jerry over the TV remote, borrowing clothes and for our turns on the swing. I bossed you around just like any normal older sibling but I’d punch anyone that behaved like that with you.

Holding your hand and climbing up the hill to school every morning is my favourite memory of us. I’d do anything to have that back.

It’s funny and sweet at the same time when you get irritated but still go ahead and bring my phone charger from the other room just because I’m tucked inside the bed, too lazy to move.

You’ve given me some serious advice on things I never knew I could turn to you for solace. You’ve been my pillar of strength in times when I fell hard but then I thought of you and stood back up again.

It’s because of you that I know, sisters are the best! I’ve had the best childhood because of you, and my life is amazing because I have you!

You get irritated sometimes when I lecture you about career and life and other things in general and sometimes I feel I should let you be and discover everything yourself. However, I can’t give up. You see, I didn’t have an older sibling to stop me when I opted for Science in school. I didn’t have a more experienced sibling to tell me not to take teenage so seriously. I didn’t have an older sister who could tell me how brutal life can get in a big city.

But, you have me!

You’ve always been treated like a fragile tiny doll by all of us and I don’t think we can change our ways with you. Yes you’re old enough, yes you live all by yourself now, yes you can cook some delicious food while I still excel at burning popped corns! But you’ll always be my little one and I’ll hold your hand even before you need it. Always and forever…

PS : Some of you may wonder why I posted this letter here instead of sending it to my sister? Well I sent it to her first and only with her permission, I shared it with all of you. Why am I sharing it with the world when the person I wrote it for had already read it, you ask? Maybe because I want to share this part of my life with you and tell you how incredibly lucky I am to have her? And maybe also to bring a smile on your face if you too have a special bond with your sibling 😊


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