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My love – Bruno ❤

The most adorable and understanding one.

We got him in December of 2006 when he was a small furball of two months. My sister and I were happy thinking we have someone we can play with! We named him Bruno..  and he seemed to love that 😊

Mom would ask him to wake me up in the morning, and he’d come running in to my room and nudge my blanket.

He would greet us everyday at the front porch when we got back from school, wagging his tail and jumping around as if to tell us how much he missed us being around the whole day.

He loved sitting on one specific couch in our living room and that soon became ‘his spot’. Mom never allowed him on the bed, but every now and then I would let him sneak in and as soon as he’d hear my mother’s voice, he’d hurriedly jump down the bed.


If he was being mischievous, mom would scold him and he, like an angry little kid would skip a meal that day – even if he was served his favorite chicken bones.

When I was in a bad mood, he would just sit near me and keep his head on my lap.. He knew I wouldn’t play with him and he’d be okay with that. Not everyone can communicate in silence the way he did.

He loved running around in open meadows and chase the butterflies. A happy boy 😊

He would take his seat in the car right next to me, hang his face outside the window and feel the air against his face. When the sun shined brightly, he would look at it blinking his eyes and continue bathing in the Sun.

He never bothered anyone for all those 8 years that he was with us. and then one day he just disappeared.. As a routine, my sister took him for a walk and let loose his leash like any other day when she reached the field. She looked away for a few seconds and he was gone! She looked everywhere, called out his name several times but Bruno was nowhere to be seen.. In the days that followed, we looked everywhere in the small town of Nainital.. but no sign of him.

Mom says someone must’ve picked him up – he was a great looking lad after all! Dad thinks the mountain tiger must’ve taken him.. We never got a real answer. Sometimes I think I’d be terrified if I knew what really happened and so I believe mom’s version of the story.

We tried for someone else to take ‘his spot’ but there never was anyone like him.. There never will be ❤

34 thoughts on “My love – Bruno ❤

  1. Beautiful dog and a beautiful story; If I might and I know you did not ask for my advice but I’m going to write this anyhow. A dog will wander and it simply can’t be allowed to roam freely. There are too many things that can cause a wandering dog’s death. Run over by a vehicle, poisoned by evil people, stolen and, last but probably most important is that a predator can grab a pet in a second. Dogs and cats are viewed as prey and so are other farm animals as well as humans. It is especially dangerous where you live near the mountains.

    I hope that if you ever get another dog that you’ll supervise it’s outdoor walks and keep the dog on a leash. When you are away from home it should be kept indoors in a crate if that is allowed in your culture. If not keep it is a secured pen made of wire that a tiger can not chew through. You can’t be too cautious. Stay away from potentially dangerous areas, if you walk your dog.

    I wish you good luck and hope that I have not offended you. This is not my intent. I just care about pets and their owners. I have been through losing several cats that ran into the woods but remedied the problem by adding on to my house with an attached secure open air run. It is heart breaking to lose a pet and to never really know what happened.

    Best regards,

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    1. Thanks for you comment, it isn’t offensive at all. I understand your sentiments being an animal lover yourself.
      Bruno was in fact on a leash and my sister was walking him that day. She would let him loose, when she reached a certain field but on that unfortunate day, she looked away for a few seconds and he was gone.

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  2. What a very sad ending.

    I agree with Yvonne in that one just cannot be too careful. For example, our Brandy will in a heartbeat run off to explore something interesting he heard up by our passing road. That’s a 1/4 mile away along our driveway. But because we have all our 13 acres surrounded by dog-proof fencing, that is checked on a regular basis, we are confident that Brandy can’t get out of our property.

    But that doesn’t stop us worrying and there are times when I wonder about buying one of these locate collars for him.

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  3. I don’t think I need to tell you, Himadri, how I felt while reading it, and after finishing it. I had that sweetest smile of mine on my face reading about Bruno.😍 But him getting disappeared, just like that. Even I would go with your mom’s version of story. Bruno is and will be irreplaceable, I can totally vouch for it.
    If you haven’t, watch ‘Marley and Me’ too. It is kind of fun, for most of the part.😃

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  4. this is a beautiful story to share. we can learn so much about joy from dogs. i think he would want you to know that he is ok and he loves you, no matter where he is. it is sad that he is gone from your daily routine but he will forever be in your daily life when you remember the joy that he shared with you. many blessings!

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  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I appreciate you sharing your story here. It is always so sad to lose a dear doggie friend; and I am sad for you. I cannot imagine life without dogs. It is so sad to lose them no matter whether old age or disease or simple disappearance. But, even though another dog will not take your Bruno’s place, another dog will for sure bring lots of joy to your life. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  6. Thank you for sharing this post. I’m sorry you had to go through this. Losing a pet is always hard, but they make life better when we have them! It sounds like you and Bruno had good times together.


  7. Aw, I really could feel your love and am sorry. I love my little Max (you can see him on my blog), after having my other pup, for 16 years, it took me another 2 years to even think about it! I went into the shelter wanting a FEMALE dog and not some “small, yappy dog”…what did I end up with? My PERFECT little, tiny 10lb. Max who I can’t imagine life without! I hope that happens with you again soon 🙂 If you’ve heard the term “heart dog” then you will know what I mean when I say Max is for sure my heart dog!

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    1. Max is adorable! Thanks for introducing me to the term ‘Heart dog’.. I looked it up and Bruno was definitely mine. I still dream of him sometimes. I live at a rented place at the moment and can’t take care of another. Once I have my own place and someone to look after my fur friend, I will get one too 🙂 And I will hope the magic will happen again.

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  8. Thats so sad! I’m so sorry you lost your dog! I have a dog named Cinnamon and she is almost exactly like your dog! Cinnamon likes to sit on the same spot on the couch and whenever someone tries to sit on it she gets angry lol. My mom also hates it when Cinnamon goes on her bed, but she ends up on the bed anyways. Bruno was very cute by the way! I hope someday your dog will come back. If not at least you had a lot of good memories with Bruno!

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  9. Thanks for introducing me to Bruno! I see dogs as the role model for being alive… They give Unconditional love & enjoy every moment. Every dog owner is blessed with many great days & one worst day.

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